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What is your desired quantum leap in INCOME + IMPACT and by when do you want to be LIVING it? *

What do you fear you'll have to let go of in order to truly transform your life (specifically old beliefs and habits, relationships, jobs, etc.)? What have you tried before that hasn't worked? *

Tell me about your business offerings/services/programs/packages, what they entail and your pricing for each.* *

Who are your clients? What are their businesses and what results do they get from working with you? (Please be as specific as possible.)* *

Why you? Why do your clients hire you and not anyone else? What is your zone of genius? What are your unique gifts?* *

What is your average monthly revenue and for how long has it been at this level? What is your desired monthly income? *

My mentoring programs range in investment level depending on your unique needs, however the minimum monthly investment required is $1K. Do you have the funds to work with me right now, and are you willing to get them before we speak? * *

Congratulations on completing a HUGE step towards your QUANTUM LEAPS.

I applaud your transparency and willingness to be SEEN. 

You will hear from me within 24-48 hours following my review of your answers to confirm and schedule our call.

xx Syd

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