Hello beautiful soul. I'm blessed to receive your connection.
Our energy is our most valuable resource. As such, I invite you to complete my application to determine if we are in alignment to collaborate at this time. My mentoring containers require incredible commitment, razor-sharp focus and a relentless determination to transcend anything and everything in the way of embodying your most powerful, authentic truth.

Here is your invitation to step into your new paradigm of infinite abundance, expansive joy and deeper pleasure than you've ever known.

Your most extraordinary life awaits.
What's your first and last name? *

What is your desired quantum leap and by when do you want to be EMBODYING it? Provide as much detail as you feel accurately describes what you are presently desiring to experience in your life. *

What is your zone of genius? What are your unique gifts?* *

If you could wave a magic wand and change one aspect of your life instantly, what would it be? What's possible for you when that aspect of your life has transformed?

How's your self-care? Do you have a spiritual/energetic practice - what does it entail? *

What do you fear you'll have to let go of in order to truly transform your life (specifically old beliefs and habits, relationships, jobs, etc.)? What have you tried before that hasn't worked? *

Have you worked with a coach/mentor before? if so, what have been your results thus far - why did you seek out support and what results did you create? What didn't work? *

Why do you specifically want to work with me? How do you feel I can support you? What will you be celebrating a year after we conclude our work together? *

Congratulations on taking a monumental step in the direction of your next-level alignment with your soul purpose and INFINITE expansion.

I applaud your transparency and willingness to be SEEN. 

You will hear from me within 24-48 hours following my review of your application to confirm and schedule our exploratory call.

Endlessly loving your light,


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