Hola visionary soul - welcome to your new paradigm. It's time to FLY.
Our energy is our most valuable resource. As such, I invite you to take a few moments to share your background and intentions for connecting. The more detail you provide the more clearly I can discern the capacity in which we are best suited to co-create at this time. I look forward to exploring how I can support you in embodying your next-level alignment in living life beyond your wildest dreams.
Let's FLY
What's your first and last name? *

What is your desired next-level ALIGNMENT and by when do you want to be EMBODYING it, especially when it comes to prosperity, pleasure, power, intimacy and purpose? Provide as much detail as you feel accurately describes what you desire most. *

What is your zone of genius, what are your unique gifts? When it comes to your authentic expression and embodied alignment with your vision, how are you feeling? How are you showing up? With all fears and limitations aside, how is your soul desiring to express itself in full power? *

What is in the way of you living life how you truly desire living it right now (limiting beliefs, conditioning, behavior, unclear boundaries, unworthiness, lacking trust, etc.)? What challenges do you face when it comes to achieving your vision and goals? *

If you could wave a magic wand and change one aspect of your life instantly, what would it be? What's possible for you when that aspect of your life has transformed?

Have you worked with a mentor before? If so, why did you initially seek out support and what results did you create? In your past experience(s), what worked well and what didn't work so well? Why are you specifically interested in co-creating with me? *

If you fast-forward 6 months ahead, after we've completed our first 1:1 mentoring program together, our group program, our retreat or our VIP Day (whichever program you're seeking to work with me in), what results will you be celebrating? What achievements and breakthroughs are you most proud of having created? What old patterns, outlooks and ways of being have you transcended forever? Most importantly, how are you FEELING? *

Are you INSPIRED to invest in yourself more powerfully than ever before to catalyze your desired quantum leaps in purpose, power, pleasure and prosperity? Are you willing to face your authentic self, make fear your best friend and dance through all that's in your way of BEING your soul-embodied self, now? At what level are you prepared to invest in yourself to actualize your desired next-level transformation?

Congratulations on taking a monumental step towards aligning with your soul purpose and entering into a new paradigm of INFINITE expansion.

I applaud your transparency and willingness to be seen.

You will hear from me within 48 hours following my review of your application to confirm and schedule our exploratory call.

Infinitely loving your light,


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